Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I record the audio?

A: Use the included cable to connect the sound box that comes with Toonsie to any headphone jack on another device (your smartphone, MP3 player, tablet, laptop, or PC).  Whatever audio is playing on your device will record to the sound box when the small button is pressed.  No apps or software required.

Q: Can I record my voice to Toonsie?

A: Yes. You would first record your voice to your smart phone (iPhones, for example, have a voice memo app) and then record that to Toonsie.

Q: Can Toonsie play more than one song?

A: Toonsie will play one recording up to 200 seconds in length. You can record a few short songs (like nursery rhymes) back to back to Toonsie.

Q: All I can hear is static noise.  What happened?

A: Most audio devices have a separate volume adjustment for the headphone jack.  Please adjust your device's volume AFTER you plug in the cable that came with your Toonsie.  If the volume is too low, your recording will contain static noise.  We have found about 75% volume to work well for most.  If adjusting the volume does not improve the quality of your recording, try recording from a different device.  Still no luck after trying these steps?  Email us at for assistance.