More bus!

When my daughter, Mila, was very young she would often request the same song be played or sung over and over again. "More! More!" she would sign before she learned to talk. Her favorite song was finger family . . . It was then that I began searching for a product that would give her control over when, where, and how many times she listened to the same song instead of me having to sing or play it for her, often from my smartphone. I thought for sure something must exist - and although I came across toys like MP3 players for pre-school aged children, those were just way too complex for my baby.

A year or so later, my son was born. Again, from a very early age he craved repitition. Wheels on the bus was his favorite. "More bus!" was his first spoken phrase. I searched once again for a toy that would fill this need and came up with nothing. Having a preschooler and a toddler to juggle on top of a full time job and housework, I am always looking for products and ideas that make my life easier and keep my kids happy. I decided that since a solution didn't exist, I was going to make one.

I tested several different types of recordable audio devices and finally found one that seemed perfect. Not only did it have an easy to depress button, but it allows an adult to record audio from almost any other audio player through a headphone jack. I quickly designed and hand stitched a small zippered pouch that had a soft foam insert that would hold the audio device in place while allowing it to be easily removed by a parent or caretaker. The next morning I gave it to my son and he was so happy - this is it, and him dancing away to the music. Right then I knew I had to take this idea further. Toonsie was born, but had some growing to do.