Maybe Kickstarter?

Over the past couple months I have been thinking a lot about how I want to introduce Toonsie to the world. After many conversations and ample reading and research, I decided that a Kickstarter campaign is the way to go. Kickstarter provides a platform for creators to showcase and pre-sell their products and ideas.

Creators set their funding goal and timeline, offering incentives to backers, and they receive funds ONLY if they meet their goal. If they don't meet their goal, money is never exchanged (and backers get a refund).

The backer incentives for a Kickstarter campaign are usually the product itself.

By launching Toonsie as a Kickstarter, I can pre-sell it and gauge real market interest. This will help me validate that Toonsie is a product worthy of full scale production. And assuming I meet my funding goal, the money will be used to place the production orders for the audio device, plush pouch, cables, and packaging.

However, Kickstarter won't let just anyone launch a campaign. You first need to illustrate that your product is at the right stage in its development. You also need to demonstrate its functionality.

After spending countless hours drafting my kickstarter campaign, I'm thrilled to announce that Toonsie has been approved for launch!!!

I'm targeting a campaign launch date for later this month. Stay tuned