Focus prep time.

I was thrilled to have many enthusiastic responses to my focus group posts. Also, a neighbor who just graduated high school and has experience in film making was available to join to take videos. It was all coming together.

I took that Friday off of work to host and focus - ha. Some considerations involved in planning the focus group:

- Making sure the attendees were diverse, meaning children of varying ages and moms of different background (unfortunately no dads responded .. .will have to work on that)
- Setting expectations and creating an NDA and marketing release for all participants to sign
- Gathering song preferences and loading them on Toonsies before the session began
- Snacks! Keeping the moms and babes fed
- A survey - paper based and anonymous for participants to complete before they left
- The schedule - staggering arrival times so that everyone had a chance to play 1:1 with the toy

Here's a picture of my daughter, Mila, helping to put together goodie bags for participants the night before.