Changes brewing.

There were some things about Toonsie's design that needed to be changed.

First, since I wanted Toonsie to be a soft toy, it was important that the materials used could be machine washable. The first Toonsie was made from felt, and that wouldn't have held up well in the laundry.

Second, getting the audio device in and out of Toonsie was difficult from the bottom - having the zipper in the back made more sense.

Third, I was already forgetting what the last song I saved to the audio device was (mom brain is real) and so I wanted a way to affix a label to Toonsie to identify either the song, or who it belonged to, or possibly even include a picture of whoever's voice was on the recording. So I came up with the idea of attaching a vinyl window to the front.

Lastly, I wanted Toonsie to have a loop on the side so that it could be secured to another object (like a stroller or a high chair).

I knew I needed help, and through my moms group on Facebook, I found Annie March, who sews as a hobby and had recently posted a picture of some zippered pouches she had made as gifts. Annie helped me sew Toonsie and incorporate all of these changes. She also helped me think through the design and approach. We went through several iterations together and she was so patient. I'm so thankful to Annie for her help and support!